As we progress with our efforts to defend and improve our neighborhood we will keep close watch on the performance of our elected and appointed officials, and will publish their names along with an Orchid and Onion list here.  A number of our members have lived in our neighborhood for more than 30 years we suggest that every involved party take that as a measure of our long-term commitment.

Orchids to Captain Richard Shaw of the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department and the
Temple Station Commander, he has stood out as a leader of his community.  He delivered the truth to the Los Angeles County Planning Commission despite their efforts to silence him.  This group holds him in especially high regard as he spoke out long before it was clear it might be politically wise to do so.

Stinker State Parole Board Office in Pasadena as well as the whole State Parole Board in general they take advantage of loop-holes in the Megan's law.  They make no effort to work with the communities they supposedly serve.  They are arrogant and unhelpful.  They are bureaucrats in the worst sense.  We are sure they think that none of the problems with the placing sex offenders in communities has anything to do with their actions even though they get paid to oversee the program. 

On the Los Angeles County Planning Commission we now have to admit we are neutral.  They caused our group much grief and one of the members even suggested that we were liars.  But in the end after 5 meetings they voted our direction.