We have reached a new phase of in our efforts! We now find ourselves in front of the LACounty Board of Supervisors because the motels in question, the Lucky Star and the Regal Inn (Days Inn), have appealed the planning commissions decisions to close them down.  The Supervisors Meeting is Tuesday September 22, 2009. The EPIC board's efforts to broaden our community support have grown so large it is getting hard to keep coordinated.   Finally we need visions of what our area could look like at its best.

Our usual meeting place is no longer available, Two Dragons Martial Arts, has abandoned the area like many other good businesses due to the crime often supported by the bad businesses in the area.   

Past meetings

EPIC Cummunity Meeting was Sunday, September 21, 2008 4-6pm. A lite turn-out but we still discussed a vision of what we wanted our neighborhood to look like. 

AT THE REGIONAL PLANNING COMMISSION MEETING OCTOBER 1st, 2008. (Meeting at 9:00 am at Hall of Records, Room 150, 320 West Temple Street, LA 90012)  A
t the OCTOBER 1st meeting  the motions for denial which were made at the SEPTEMBER 10th meeting were finalized.  There are still several currently unamed businesses with negative impact upon our community which must be addressed.

Immediately prior to the September 10th meeting, protests were carried out at the hall of records.  Two organizational meetings where held prior to the Planning Commission meeting:
Friday, September 5 at 8pm and Sunday, September 7 at 4 pm. Both were at the Two Dragons Martial Arts Studio, 3747 East Colorado Blvd, Pasadena.  New members present.

From June 08 Meetings! Congratulation to our members your letters, testimony and presence at the June 11th Planning Commission Meeting was inspiring and effective.  40+ on the bus with more joining us by car.  We let them know we want the neighborhood cleaned up and we don't want the Motel's Permit to be granted (Regal Inn).  The group would like to continure to give special thanks to Captain Shaw for his courage to deliver the truth to our planning commission despite their unwillingness to listen and discomfort in hearing it. 

Further Past Meetings