These are adobe PDF files that have collected and scanned in; some of them are large so please be patient.

Things to do for 6-11-08 Planning Commission Meeting

Presentation Delivered Planning February 5, 2008

Hand-Out To Neighbohrs

Planning staff recommendation permit (they assumed it would approved -they didn't ask the neighbors)

Planning Staff Assessment (Points out how Regal Inn was not response iniatially)

Staff analysis of conditional use permit for Regal Inn handed out in 02/08

Motel owner letter describing action taken to convince planning commission that neighbors approve of their motel 01/03/08

Megan's law website list of sex offender in 91107- 07/23/07 -most in our neighborhood (after current owner purchase and long after working with the county to get permit reapproved) Motels address is 3800 east colorado.

Megan's law website list of sex offender in 91107- 06/01/08 -Sex offender currently listed after owner and consultant told us they had arranged with the California Parole Board not to place sex offenders in the motel 


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