"East Pasadena: Improving Community", EPIC, is an organization dedicated to helping the people of East Pasadena to take back control of our neighborhood.  There is a long history of problems due to the "flop house" motels along Colorado Blvd. which bring prostitutes, drug users and dealers, vandals, and sex offenders including convicted child rapists to our neighborhood.

Our elected and appointed officials have taken our silence on these issues as permission to continue these businesses. We need your help to change this through the political process.

Our voices must be heard at the meetings where these decisions are made, as is our right and obligation as Citizens of the United States of America. Thus, this organization is to help us plan and coordinate our efforts to protect and defend our neighborhood.

East Pasadena is not a city but part of the Los Angeles County, so we have no local city council or planning commission.  This means we need as many people as possible to come and help, if our voices are to be heard county wide. 

Historic Opportunity: Recently due to our groups effort the Los Angeles county planning commission has voted to deny the permits of the former Regal Inn (4 to 1) and the Lucky Star (5 to 1).  Our group achieved this through 5 seperate meetings and with much testimony from law enforcement officials, our community, and surrounding communities, we argued hard for the planning commission to deny the permit. They now have with a 4 to 1 vote. We succeeded dispite the fact that the owners of the hotel hired lawyers and private consultants to try to subvert the approval process.    We still fear the motel is not profitable as a legitimate buisness and has reached the end of it economic life cycle (which is the reason the property was granted only a conditional use permit originally and not a zoning variance), We fear if the permit is granted upon appeal the owners in the future will revert to housing prostitutes and felons as the owner did for more than two years before the permit renewal process began. The Lucky Star was denied after the second meeting for clearly its business was based mostly on prostitution and money from the California State Parole Board to house sex offenders.  But the denials will likely be appealed.  We must continue to argue our points and fight for a renewed reinvigorated East Pasadena along Colorado Blvd in the 91107 area code.